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Gate Hopping 


Gate Hopping is the adventure game for those living in the moment. It was inspired by a very spontaneous weekend with fellow adventure seekers.  The story goes like this.  It was around 1am on a Thursday and I texted my BFF Ryan asking him if he wanted to go to SF that weekend. He was drunk at some karaoke bar and replied 'yes'.  I looked who was online on GTalk and there was Rodrigo so I asked if he wanted to go and he also replied 'yes'.  Rodrigo being the responsible one starting looking for flights.  Once we agreed on the times, this being around 2:30AM, he purchased the tickets for the three of us (to be paid back later of course).  In the "real" morning I booked the hotel and that evening we were off!  We got to the airport around 10pm, our flight was delayed until around an 11:30pm departure so were tired.  There was some amusement because a hot escort was nearby and she was just fun to watch.  Out of nowhere, our friend Sabrina shows up. She had just flown in from Toronto, Ontario, Canada after being away for a week.  We told her where we were going and I joked around that she should come. I was joking at first but got serious pretty fast. Next thing you know, Sabrina was at the gate counter purchasing a ticket! She instantly became my new chic power hero.   So, a game was born...arrive at your gate, and hop to the next.


The basics:

Step 1: From home, go to airport

Step 2: Fly to some destination that you intend to fly to, like visit mum, some guy in jail you've been penpalling, whatever

Step 3: Return to home airport

Step 4: Stop when you walk out of the jetway and into the gate lounge area

Step 5: Breathe

Step 6: Walk to the adjoining gates and look for a flight that is boarding within one hour

Step 7: Purchase ticket (if ticket is not available, go to Step 5)

Step 8: Get on plane

Step 9: Have a drink

Step 10: Go to Step 3


Advanced Game (good weekend fun!):

Step 1: Go to airport

Step 2: Buy a ticket to some random destination

Step 3: When you get to random destination, go to Step 6 above

Step 4: Keep going until you run out of money or out of time.


Now you might ask, what's in it for me. Well, my friend, first off, living your damn life, cuz really who knows when your penpal from jail gets out! There are also points involved:


1 point - reading the rulz

2 points - for finding a friend at a gate to go with

3 points - for finding a hot guy/girl to tag along with

5 points - departure within 1 hour

5 points - travelling at least 5 hours by plane before arriving at the gate

10 points - departure <30 minutes

20 points - hitting more than 3 destinations in one weekend


Some tips:

  • Do carry-on only.  It will be difficult to catch a flight in short order when you have to collect bags
  • Bring a passport, you never know, the next available flight leaving could be to another continent or galaxy
  • When possible, travel with friends.  It makes it so much more fun!


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